Dear Customers!

NetSuite 2018.2 release is here. And there are changes that you should pay attention to.

You will need to make a change to your NetSuite integrations done on the Celigo’s platform.

NetSuite Two-Factor (2FA) requirement
NetSuite 2018.2 release will require NetSuite users with Administrator, Full Access, and other highly privileged roles to use two-factor authentication (2FA).

Impact for NovaModule Customers (for integrations done on the platform)
Your integrations must now use the more secure Token-Based Authentication type. If you are currently using “Basic” authentication type, you must switch to “Token” before your NetSuite account is upgraded to 2018.2. If you do not make this change, your integration will stop working.

The good news is that it takes 5 minutes to update your connection(s). Here is how:



Or you can follow these steps to enable TBA:

1) Ensure Token-Based Authentication checkbox is checked
Go to Setup >> Company >> Enable features >> SuiteCloud >> Section “Manage Authentication”
2) Locate the right employee account in NetSuite (e.g. by using employee email address or other methods you use)
3) Edit the employee record, scroll down and click on the Access tab, add an additional role called “Full Access” and click Save
4) Go to Setup >> Users/Roles >> Access Tokens >> New
5) Select
– Application Name (e.g. “Novamodule Magento NetSuite Connector” or other connectors; if you are doing it for your custom data flows then select “”)
– User (select employee’s name)
– Role (select full access)
– Token Name (automatically populated)
Click “Save”
Your user Token ID and Token Secret will be displayed.
IMPORTANT: You MUST ensure you take a record of these IDs as they are ONLY displayed in NetSuite once. You won’t be able to retrieve them again. If lost, you will need to re-issue a token.
6) Access
Go to your respective connector for which you want to enable TBA
Click on Connections
Click on a NetSuite connection
Enter Token ID and Token Secret
Select relevant iClient in the drop-down
Click “Test” and ensure connectivity is established
Click “Save”

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