Loop Returns – NetSuite Integration App

Are you ready to join many reputable organizations powering their growth with this integration app? The information below will help you choose the right edition for your business. Each edition has a set of robust data flows and add-ons (if available).

This integration app is built, maintained, and supported by Nova Module.

Pricing Model

Subscription Pricing

Data Flow


$ 400 /month
(billed annually)
Create RMAs in NetSuite from Loop Returns RMAs yes
Update Loop Returns RMA Label Status from Loop Returns to NetSuite yes
Create RMA Item Receipts in NetSuite from Loop Returns yes
Flag Loop Returns RMAs for Additional Review from NetSuite yes
Create Loop Returns Refunds from NetSuite Item Receipts yes
Create NetSuite Cash Refunds/Credit Memos from Loop Returns Refunds yes
Create NetSuite Customer Refund from Loop Returns Refunds yes
Cancel NetSuite RMAs from Loop Returns yes
Cancel Loop Returns RMAs from NetSuite yes

Available Add-ons

Connect multiple Loops Returns accounts to NetSuite
(Add-on feature has additional subscription fee)

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